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13th Annual Owl Club Tournament Shines, Raises $25k for Athletics

John Lynch chips the ball during the 13th Annual Owl Club Golf Tournament on Monday. (David Fried photo)
John Lynch chips the ball during the 13th Annual Owl Club Golf Tournament on Monday. (David Fried photo)

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SOUTHWICK, Mass. – Westfield State University athletics and 124 golfers enjoyed post-card perfect weather on Monday as the 13th Annual Owl Club Golf Tournament raised $25,000 to help support the Owls' varsity athletic programs at the Ranch Golf Club.

The team of corporate partner Integrated Sports Specialties and Mark Litsky, Carlos Frittano, John Harkings, Anthony Perritano won the tournament title with a score of 58, winning a match of cards with the alumni team of Bob Verdolino, Ralph Barry, Matt Barry and Joe Seckler.   The alumni group of former Trustee Bill Chase, Jack Doherty, Tom Brincklow and Jason Cowan topped finished third with a 59, winning a match of cards with the group of Tim Sicard, Dan Lunden, John Lynch and Bob McGee.

The tournament's guest of honor was longtime women's soccer coach Todd Ditmar.  Ditmar has led the Owls to back-to-back conference tournament titles and NCAA tournament appearances.  Overall he's guided the women's soccer program to six NCAA tourney appearances since 2008.

Ditmar thanked the gathered golfers for their support of the current Owls' athletes, noting that alumni fundraising has helped the women's soccer team to go on several training and competition trips, including Europe and California during his tenure, and the team will travel to the Virginia Beach area to compete with nationally ranked Christopher Newport University and Virginia Wesleyan University to open the 2019 season.

Westfield Bank served as the lead sponsor of the event.  Other key sponsors included Whalley Computer Associates, Barnes and Noble College Bookstores, College Hype Embroidery and Screenprint, Real Dry Waterproofing and Pepsi.

"We had a great day out on the golf course, and it's always great to see so many alumni, parents, and friends of Westfield State athletics come out and play while supporting our teams," said Athletic Director Dick Lenfest.   "We have a great nucleus of alumni that have played each and every year, and we always welcome new faces and young alumni who are interested in getting involved."

Steve Lefebvre and Michelle Lee-Scecina won the long drive contest.  Closest to the pin prizes were claimed by Dan Lunden, Carlos Frittano, Ralph Barry, Bob McGee and Joe Seckler.

The 2020 Owl Club Golf Tournament is already scheduled for Monday, August 3 at the Ranch.  Contact associate athletic director Dave Caspole for details on playing or sponsorship at 413-572-5433.

Full Scoring – 2019 Owl Club Golf Tournament – The Ranch GC – Southwick, Mass.

Mark Litsky, Carlos Frittano, John Harkings, Anthony Perritano                   58

Bob Verdolino, Ralph Barry, Matt Barry, Joe Seckler                                           58

Tim Sicard, Dan Lunden, Bob McGee, John Lynch                                           59

Bill Chase, Jack Doherty, Tom Brincklow, Jason Cowan                                          59

Tom Convery, Kevin Moore Mary Langan, Dave Bevan                             61

Cheryl Lee-Scecina, Michelle Lee-Scecina, Marie Gaudreau, Steve Lefebvre     61

Tom Flaherty, Chris Lapointe, Mike Holl, Jay Queenin                                       61

Kevin Queenin, Rob Atkocaitis, Tom Stewart, Dick Lenfest                           62

Jim Blascak, Maddy Atkocaitis, Tia Pariseau, Lana O'Connor                       62

Dave Laing, Brian Laing, Dave Hadley, Matt Dayno                                          62

Bob Pepka, Paul Hughes, John Womboldt, Eric Hansen                                         62

Russ Hammond, Frank Friguglietti, Dom Blasioli, Floyd Field                    63

Mike Perry, Steve Perry Don Byron, Bob O'Connor                                          65

Jeff Pechulis, Eric Overdahl, Sean Gearin, Brendan Donohoe                        65

Nate Bashaw, Evan Moorhouse, Don Moorhouse, Nate Barnes                 66

Bill Devine, Mark Devine, Rob Levine, Mike Parent                                          66

Greg Little, Kevin Harrington, Tom Tierney, Wayne Dimetres                       67

Colin Dunn, Sean Moorhouse, Craig Lacey, Matt Daley                               67

Steve Richter, Tammy Richter, Brent Bean, Jason Bean                                67

Terry Ditmar, Tyler Ditmar, Kyle Murphy, Deb Murphy                                        67

John Ameral, Clark Moore, Ameral Soccer                                                          67

Sean O'Brien, Ryan O'Connell, Jeff Smith, Dan Letteriello                                   68

Bill Weber, Bob Kallstrom, John Pananos, Mark Pananos                                       69

Tom Foley, Tom Daviau, John Gibbons, Bob Gleason                                          69

Junior Delgado, Dino Innarelli, Dino Innarelli, Jr., Jen Dobiecki                 70

Andre Bertini, Katie Sylvain, Jay Webber, Sam Chrisman                                    72

Frank Tilli, Franco Tilli, Dino Tilli, Joseph Tilli                                                 72

Jack Mosko, Bob Mayo, Frank Vallarelli, Bob Benn                                          72

Nancy Bals, Brad Moreau, BJ Moreau, Holly Noun                                           74

Mike Roberts, Bill Oleksak, Leanne Bishop, Randy McLeod                          76